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Why choose Pugliabnb?
The philosophy of Pugliabnb is to provide a technology platform to the owners or operators of extra facilities - hotel able to pick up all that tourist demand interested in discovering the delights of Puglia, staying in hotels that offer unique experiences and authentic, and above all to provide a range of services that can maximize the revenues of extra facilities - hotel.

Relying on Pugliabnb to promote their business is reliability, security, direct contact with guests or potential guests of your business, but especially to be part of a Quality Brand of Hospitality Pugliese that supports all the protagonists in their development and promotion in the world.

How we do it?
Our strength is your strength! What does it mean? For a single small structure to be visible on the market without the help of major OTA as,, etc., it becomes almost impossible. The point is that if you calculate the annual amount of the commissions paid to gain visibility and bookings we realize that the profit margin narrows more and more, not allowing sometimes to be able to develop their own website and web marketing to 'height of the potential of the structure.

For this reason, pugliabnb provides a range of services to maximize your revenues with the aim of ottenre:

1. Visibility!

By joining the circuit Pugliabnb you will benefit from all the campaigns online promotion programs implemented by the online platform and social networking online.

2. Direct contact with potential guests.

No filter is present between the potential customer and the business. Indeed Pugliabnb, encourages the inclusion of all your contact details as including "url" of your business website.

3. Construction of mini site business within the digital platform Pugliabnb.
Each structure will be present on pugliabnb through the realization of a mini company website completely managed independently, with the ability to perform updates about the structure description, photo gallery, policies confirmation of bookings, cancellations and payment arrangements, update rates even for a single day, ideal for those who adopt techniques of dynamic price.

4. Full Autonomy
Each structure will adopt its own policy: cancellation, confirmation, method of payment.

5. Automatism of responses to requests of availability, reservation confirmations and payment methods.

With Pugliabnb you can set the layout of the email response depending on the number of requests and actions to take and leave everything else to him to respond automatically to the various demands that will come to you.

6. Control Panel
Each facility will be able to manage their reservations, inventory rooms, room availability, rates, etc., by using the control panel provided by Pugliabnb. In this way you can easily have at any time the status of your room or apartment under control as if you have a simple and intuitive management software. You can manage everything also through mobile devices, given that the platform is completely web Pugliabnb responsive. It does not require physical server, it's all web based. With a simple Wifi connection, you can manage your business wherever you are.

7. Free Booking Engine
Pugliabnb makes available to affiliated structures, software booking (Booking Engine) to be inserted directly through a simple link on their company website (the software is only compatible on websites with Joomla and Wordpress CMS). Through this device is possible through our partner channel manager software upgrade in price and availability also on the Agencies On Line (,, etc.)

8. Promotion of the structure in Home Page
Pugliabnb provides the opportunity to be present in the home page of the digital platform through the introduction of high-resolution photos of your property with direct link to your company website or if you are lacking it at the link structure of your card on this Pugliabnb . Insertion of your facility on the home page in the preferred framework.

9. Publication of Offers and Promotions
Pugliabnb offers the opportunity to advertise through the inclusion in the "deals" of the digital platform, packages, offers, promotions, lastmunite. The Same will be shared and made visible on all social Pugliabnb and sent to all registered users to Pugliabnb through mailing campaigns.

10. Participation in National and International Fairs

11. Highly qualified consultants
Pugliabnb provides professionals Dynamo Consulting srl Company for consulting services targeted marketing strategies tariff, staff training, operational management, consulting in web marketing and accomplishments of business websites

How much does it cost?
With Pugliabnb disintermediation is really possible!

Any percentage of commission on bookings with satisfactory outcomes generated by the digital platform!

Any percentage of commission on consumed bookings generated from software Booking Engine!
Only an annual fee for membership of the Digital Platform Pugliabnb.

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