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"Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" are owned by the company Dynamo Consulting Ltd, registered in the Register of Companies of Bari to n. 559829, Cod. Tax and VAT no. 07467100728, tel. 3286440081, fax 0804315516. Dynamo Consulting Srl is a company that works as a consultant and developer of Web Marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and does not deliver services related to the activities of distinctive travel agencies and tourism.

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The total or partial reproduction of the site and / or content (images, text, trademarks, and so on) of the site "Pugliabnb" is expressly forbidden. Therefore, even in part, be copied, modified or resold without the express written permission of the company Dynamo Consulting Srl.

Navigation within the site Pugliabnb.it and Pugliabnb.com

In no circumstances, except willful misconduct or gross negligence on the company Dynamo Consulting Ltd be liable for damages of any nature arising directly or indirectly from the site, the failure or inability to access from your reliance upon or use of the information stating that descriptions, photos of facilities and services, all information entered by the operators of these facilities, and therefore the company Dynamo Consulting srl can not be held responsible for any information that is not adequate to reality, inaccurate and / or out of date.

Register to Pugliabnb of a structure.

"Pugliabnb" offers the opportunity to the owners or operators of facilities, to record their data, insert photos and all the information of the structure subject to payment of an annual fee.
I registered handlers assume full responsibility for the content, data or images that will be posted to the site "Pugliabnb", also "Pugliabnb" is not will never be responsible for the content posted by the owners of accommodation. If there are errors, incorrect prices and whatever information is untrue "Pugliabnb", has the right to suspend the service indefinitely. Are not permitted abusive accommodations that do not have a valid permit from the competent authorities. Facilities reported irregular will be immediately removed from the portal "Pugliabnb" without informing the owner or manager of the facility.

Links to external sites

The Dynamo Consulting Srl owns the sites "Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" has no liability, direct or indirect, with respect to the sites which can be accessed through links on the site or for any damages suffered by 'user in relation to the content of the same. The links provided by "Pugliabnb.it" and Pugliabnb.com "do not necessarily imply endorsement of the sites themselves, for the quality and content Dynamo Consulting Srl declines all responsibility.

Reservation and Credit Card

The data of the credit card details are required as a guarantee by the tour operators in case the customer is not present in the hotel (no-show), or in the event that the cancellation is made later than the cancellation policy provided by the accommodation . In the cases mentioned above will be charged to the credit card the customer an amount equal to the cancellation fees indicated during the booking along with the cancellation policy. "Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" will never make any charge on your credit card to guarantee your reservation. The data of the credit card will be verified by the hotel upon receipt of booking; verification could result in a charge of a few cents for the sole purpose of verifying the presence of funds on the card. The amount requested will be reversed immediately after verification. In some cases, the hotel reserves the right to book the figure of the living room (or cancellation) on paper but does not actually make the charge if not in case of no-show or late cancellation.


With regard to the possible cancellation of a booking reference must be made to the cancellation policy of the accommodation. If cancellation occurs within the deadlines set by the accommodation not be charged. If cancellation occurs later than the deadline or in case of no-show in the structure (no-show), the tour operator will charge the amount indicated on the card (which usually corresponds to the cost of one night's stay). When booking more rooms is not expected cancellation of individual rooms, but only cancel the entire reservation. You will need to make a new booking. "Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" never make charges on the credit card of the customers.

Limitations of Use

Access to this website is permitted only online, the site can not be made ​​available offline through programs and / or procedures and / or other devices that download pages on the local computer. The site can be navigated only by individuals and not by automated software and / or robots / spiders that extract content of any type from "Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" to make them available elsewhere and / or others.

Computer Viruses

The Dynamo Consulting Srl guarantees that the content of its website is free of viruses detected by an anti-virus system which is constantly active. The Dynamo Consulting Srl assumes no responsibility for the presence of virus undetectable by antivirus products used.


Periodically "Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" will also send confidential communications only to those registered for our newsletter, about the book and contain commercial information, special offers and recommendations for future stays. Who was not interested in receiving these communications can manifest this desire by sending a simple communication via e-mail.


"Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" protects the privacy of users. Holder of the treatment is Dynamo Consulting Srl with registered offices at 70010 Locorotondo in Via Madonna della Catena 22 - Vat n ° 07467100728. The user can at any time verify the presence of your personal data, request the correction or deletion (Ex. Art. 7 D. Lgs. 196/03) and also unsubscribe from mailing lists or other services using the appropriate instructions in every email received or by contacting "Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" from the contact page of the website.
"Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" is also available for any request for information or clarification on the treatment or on this legislation. The personal information is used for the following purposes: to provide a site that meets the needs of users; provide services, information, informative articles, sending offers and other useful information. The data processing is carried out with the aid of information appropriate to ensure their security and confidentiality. "Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" can communicate the collected data to third parties and carry out the above activities on its behalf. These third parties will only provide the information necessary to deliver the service and will be prohibited from using that information for any purpose other than that agreed upon. "Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com" may in some cases record log file with information such as the visitor's IP address, date and time of access, pages visited, etc.. Cookies are not currently being used, but in the future we can not exclude the possibility of their use, ie small file with a unique identifier and anonymous, which are sent to the PC of the visitor: the purpose
is able to recognize when you log in again. The cookies can only be read by the website that created the first time and does not contain any personal data. The purpose is to be able to customize certain elements of the site and better suit the user's needs, for example by rotating content, offers, background images, or without proposing more times to the same user registration for newsletters, surveys, etc..
At any time, the user does not accept these conditions, the use of cookies can: Disabling cookies via your browser settings. Do not use the services offered by "Pugliabnb.it" and "Pugliabnb.com." Disabling cookies may result in incorrect operation of the site or some of its functionality.
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