The portal www.pugliabnb.it stems from the desire of the Dynamo Consulting Ltd. to exploit the extra-hotel facilities in the area of Puglia, through the creation of a digital platform in which tourism demand comes directly in contact with the tourist offer extra hotel without no brokerage.
In fact, pugliabnb.it is the first digital platform where disintermediation is real.
The tour operators do not pay any kind of fees or commissions on bookings generated from pugliabnb.it, allowing it to be able to have cheaper rates for their potential guests.
In addition, pugliabnb.it encourages each facility to include extra hotel in the description on all contact details, including the address of the company website, in order to better promote all the services, the various offers and promotions of the individual structures.

Why choose the portal pugliabnb.it to book a vacation at a bed and breakfast, holiday homes, guest house, hostel or a farmhouse in Puglia?
The portal is designed as an actor pugliabnb.it tourism development Apulia through the activation of a series of promotional initiatives aimed at all those who wish to spend a holiday in Puglia, including through the issuance of coupons or coupon, extra spendable only in the structures hotel affiliated to the portal.

Ease of booking

The portal www.pugliabnb.it is easily navigable with a few clicks you can find and book bed and breakfast, holiday homes, apartments, farmhouses best suit your needs, or make a reservation directly from the website of the property.

Secure Bookings

Our booking system complies with the highest standards of security and confidentiality of the personal data and credit card numbers of customers are encrypted ensuring the privacy of the information you enter. The data are not given to third parties.